What Do Doctors Say About “Un-Advertising”?


Watch the video on how a doctor “Un-Advertise” and receive
100-150 new patients calls in one day.


Watch the video on how a dentist gets patients without advertising.


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Dr. V. M. R. DC California

“I have invested thousands of dollar in management consultants without getting significant improvement. From the time Doctor Relations started to help me, my statistics doubled up in new patients in the first month and tripled in three months.”

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Dr. R. H. DDS Washington DC

“I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given our office. You have been so dedicated and generous with your time and energy. After just two meetings listening to the tapes about how to communicate with patients, our staff has excelled so much that our production has jumped by 25%.”

“Your service more than pays for itself. Thank you for everything!”

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Dr. K. S. DDS California

“I have tripled my practices. In the past year and a half, I have not practiced dentistry myself because there’s no need to practice!”

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Dr. S. K. DDS New York

“We held the event at the office. It went very well. The event was a success and we managed to get EVERY news station in [city] to attend. It was broadcast that night on all news stations.”

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Dr. R. N. DDS California

“In just 2 years since you started helping us with your philosophy my practice has dramatically improved. Again in just 2 years I went from seeing an average of 12 new patients a month to seeing 125 new patients a month, from just one doctor to six doctors in my office.”

ts5 TestimonialsDr. S. S. MD Alabama

“My patients more than doubled within 5 months and production doubled in 6 months. The amazing thing is we have barely done what you told us to do. Just your patient referral program alone accounts for 1/3 of the new patients increase. And I did not spend any advertising money to get so much more referrals!”

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Dr. T. P. DDS Utah

Fox News contacted me and I went on TV to talk about this event and about my practice. People lined up at 4am outside my practice on the day of the event. I serviced 37 people on this day.

ts2 Testimonials Dr. J. H. MS, PT, DC, California

“I have learnt many things from Doctor Relations so far but one of the most unusual and valuable thing has been learning how to create my own news coverage. I know this skill will continue to help me throughout my career.”

“I don’t know of any other management consulting company that teaches health professionals how to get their own news coverage.”

Listen to an audio clip of a doctor who has been 30 years in practice and how

he took the road less travelled in his marketing effort.

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Dr. Daniel
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