Dentists, Doctors and Business Owners: How to Survive the Hard Economy

The following applies to all people in this country and on this planet, even though my experience mainly lies in helping dentists in dental marketing and have also helped doctors and small business owners to become financially successful in their businesses, the problems and solutions talked about are severely applicable to everyone.

First let me share with you my fundamental belief:

When a person observes an incorrect matter — regardless whether it is just his viewpoint — he better makes his observation known and put his energy towards righting the wrong.

Commonly this can only be done by making the rest of the group aware of what is happening and help them fixing the situation for them.

One should also simply not support the entities who have caused the wrong.

This is what Gandhi did – just stop playing “those people’s games”. Don’t participate, don’t support what you do not wish to support and the situation will right itself eventually.

I believe that one must stand up for such things regardless of immediate personal or family danger.

Does it sound radical and dangerous?

Of course, one could lose it all – especially financially — as for instance some doctors, who have disagreed with the FDA and started treating patients with holistic or alternative medicine, have had their licenses being revoked.

The current attempt to hijack the country – even the world – and its people in it – is modern financial slavery and lives will be destroyed by those who are doing the destroying. This is far more devastating than any bad FDA regulations or any bad government insurance regulations even though those things are part of the hijacking and are forerunners.

To survive, perhaps only survive in a literal sense, you will need a lot of cash.

I did not quite believe I would ever say such a thing so heavy, but there are huge economic indications that the dollar will collapse, your real-estate will be worthless and if you have loans on it you better make truckloads of money to keep it or let it go and buy – with cash — a new one.

The U.S. is in such bad financial shape that we currently have a deficit of 13.3 trillion! If Americans were taxed 100% of their income it still wouldn’t be enough to balance the budget. With the so-called ‘economic recovery’ beginning to lose steam, Americans will soon experience a major decline in the purchasing ability of their savings and income.

What can a small business owner do?

Sell a lot more of what you have to the people (about 15 – 25 % who will still be able to purchase your services.) and sell a lot more NOW.

Now, actually if you think about it – making money – selling your services or products when others can’t always has and always will be the most important thing.

Economics at any level is simple – make more than you spend.

Even though cutting back on expenses has its value at times, but at any times you MUST – absolutely MUST — know how to set yourself apart from the competition in a big way, shine more than the competition, shout louder than the competition, – in short be seen better than the competition, be perceived better and more likable than the competition.

Especially in the period of this great economic recession, making your products and services well-known and well-accepted is the most important factor of surviving financially well.

These principles are always at play to determine who are winners in the business world – but they are paramount when times are real hard.

Building a better mousetrap – meaning providing better service as a doctor or in any field — is NOT what will achieve domination of your business sector.

Being seen, liked, trusted, and thus being endorsed by the community at large whether they have ever been clients or patients, will be just about the ONLY thing you can do to insure the survival in the next two to eight years.

Stop thinking that there is nothing you can do and that you have NO choice but can only make money when times are good (most people never do as you might see yourself that after the last best decade of economical advancement, most people – doctors included – have not achieved superlative financial wealth).

Please also do not think that you must also suffer in your business because your peers are telling how their new customers are down.

History has shown that during hard times, huge amount of super rich people and companies have been created.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going is something you will have to do – if you wish to survive. Get on the ball!

Only 2 – 5 % of people business owners or doctors will ‘do something about it’ as is shown in history.

Again, the best asset anyone can have is not real estate, stocks, 401k’s, health insurances – not even gold (even though better than the previous items) – the best asset is your ability to produce something and have the ability to sell it well to your prospects.

Whether you are a business owner or a dentist, smart business and dental practice management begin with knowing how to get lots of people buying from you with smart marketing strategies that are fitting for the slow economy.

Why Success in Your Practice is Easier Now While the Recession is Ongoing Than During any Upswing No Matter How Huge!

Reason Number One:
  • In order to win a court case, be it a traffic ticket or a million dollar law suit you must show up –or lose
  • In order to win a soccer, or baseball game – you must show up or lose
  • In order to stay healthy you must show up for good food, or doctors’ checkups etc – or lose your health
  • In order to have a great practice or business you must market or lose the prospects to your competitor who does market and thus IS seen.
It is really that simple. When it comes to marketing it is all about shining the light on you in a positive and elegant way.

  • NOW, in a slow economy most business people/dentists want to hang on to whatever money they have.
  • They want to wait and see.
  • They are careful even though they do not know what they are careful of.

They lose – they automatically forfeit the game. A mediocre life at best will follow as it will be impossible to catch up, we only so many years to get successful — you know!

About 95 % of all people, business owners, dentists and other health care practitioners are NOT SHOWING UP right now – just look at the DOWNTREND advertising companies are experiencing.

But that is not new, throughout history in the USA and the other twelve countries I have worked in, only 5 percent of people become successfully financial independent, and it is always the same ones, – the ones who show up for the fight are the ones who always seem to be part of the 5 percent of rich and successful people!!

Reason Number Two:

  • Dentists do not market their dental practices strategically and in synergy.

Meaning dentists do not use several marketing strategies which supplement each other and do not use them at the same time.

This is why dentists believe that marketing is too expensive and does not work.

They cannot see that what they are doing is like fixing one tooth at a time and years apart on an already slightly decayed mouth. The patients will NOT get well, but will actually get worse as new problems will arise faster than old ones can be fixed.

So, here you have it:

I know that the reasons for not acting and not doing many dental marketing actions at the same time are numerous.

But just as people might think that healthcare is too expensive, they always will come to the realization that not doing was much more expensive – and in many cases we are not even only talking money, sometimes un-repairable health problems occur.

Health care and dental practice marketing are not so different: they both must be done in a strategic approach and in synergy and in large enough quantity.

If dentistry or health care is a science then I guarantee you marketing IS a science too!

If you think it is expensive – see what it will cost you if you do not do it.

And again it’s not just the money — it’s the stress, the overwork, the worries, the feeling of something wrong that as an highly educated person you make so little money.

Have you noticed that blaming the government, the insurance companies or the last marketing company, (which usually only got you to do the one thing they had to offer but did not implement any strategy) does not make you feel any better at all,- and surely puts no money into your pocket?

Here is a video to end off:

Show up for Success,

Helmut G. Flasch

What is the next step?

Avail yourself to the marketing tools you need to succeed in a slower economy.

These tools are free – and will give all practice owners a huge edge over their more inert competitors.

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