Dental Advertising: How to Not Waste Money in Advertising

Dental advertising and average business advertising is too expensive for small business owners to make a profit. Dental marketing and business expert Helmut Flasch shares that the way to double a business is not to spend more money in advertising, but to do ‘Un-Advertising’ – let other people promote you for free.

Internet Dental Marketing: How to Get a Truckload of New Patients

Docotor Relations helps dentists, doctors to dominate the 1st page of Google without using ads, websites or social media.

Dental Internet Marketing: How to Dominate 1st Page of Google

Dental internet marketing is definitely taking over traditional dental marketing techniques. Doctor Relations – Helmut Flasch – Founder of the award winning Un-Advertising strategy talks about how to use social media in your business without your time involved. For more information call us on 1-800-625-2002 to speak to one of our consultant

Dental Marketing For Dentists Who Don’t Like Advertising

Dental Marketing Strategy for the slow economy. Don’t waste your money in advertising. Do ‘Un-advertising’. Differentiate yourself and get new patients without tooting your own horn.

To Market or Not – Fear of Dental Marketing Failures

Let’s talk about how to guarantee that your marketing will work because after all, we don’t all have ‘extra money to burn.’  This is a question I get quite often from clients who want to do everything they can to make sure their dental marketing strategy works.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure your marketing strategy works except that it will put you in a defensive state.  A state of inaction.  Anything you do is better than nothing even though the short term might not suggest that.

As Bill Gates said in his book, “Business at the Speed of Thought”, people always hugely overestimate the short term result of everything they do and underestimate the long term result.  So people put their money into marketing strategies and complain that they didn’t work.  Most of the time, they don’t work because people didn’t keep them going.

Also, many of people’s strategies do not work because they try them one strategy at a time.  Then, when the marketing strategies they tried do not work, they become gun shy and do nothing.

Let’s scratch that and start from the beginning.  No war general’s strategy will be to first send in troops and wait until they are dead, then to send in the tanks and planes. Most small business’ marketing approach is like that though.  There is no synergy, no systematic approach and no strategy.  So what are some of the most cost effective strategies?  There are some things people need to have in mind before beginning their approach.

I understand that no one wants to lose too much when it comes to marketing.  But even the biggest marketing minds in the world lose some of what they put into marketing.  Not everything works, that is why we try different things and that is the point of a systematic strategy.  It is a little bit like a first love.  We try something thinking that it will last forever.   The realization that it won’t is a big part in growing up.

In internet dental marketing strategies, some dentists put out web sites alone and thought that that is all that is needed to be ‘found’ in the world wide web. Yet they failed to explore other strategies like social network media.   It is very inexpensive and should be a part of your dental marketing approach.  You should also approach public relations, getting the community leaders involved and most importantly, getting them to market for you.  This works through approaching a few people (via social media) who then approach other people (through their community of people) who approach other people (family, friends, etc.).  This can be done without spending thousands and thousands of dollars in one shot leaving you to hope your strategy works.

Remember: Never put your marketing in one basket. Don’t place all your hopes on one single dental advertising method alone. It is necessary to have multiple marketing sources

Dental Advertising Budget: How Much is Right and How Much is Wrong?

A question many of my clients ask is “How much of my particular income should go over to marketing?  What is a standard marketing budget?”  Accountants and other analysts out there are always analyzing what is standard and what is good.  Where they get their data about what is ‘right’, I don’t know and 99.9% is incorrect.  How much do you spend on marketing?  How much do you spend on dental website marketing?  Answer: As much as it takes to get your business to move up!

If that is six times what you are making now, so be it.  Am I joking?  I am absolutely not joking.  Do you usually need that?  No, not really, but then again maybe yes especially if you are making little money right now.  That is what it will take.

Several times, I have been around the world and studied some business while working for other companies.  I realized that the successful companies do not ask what their budget for advertising should be.

The point is, the successful people just market more.  It’s a little bit like when you are sick.  How much of the doctor’s bill should you pay?  It is very important.  When I started my business, how much money did I make?  Zero.  How much did I spend on marketing?  It didn’t matter, whether I spent $400 or $4000 it was more than what I made because I made nothing.  I had a client, a dentist in Los Angeles who spent a tremendous amount on marketing when he started off.  Flyers, coupons, internet dental marketing, stuff like that.  He became my client 12 or 13 years later.

At that point in time he no longer did any of those types of things.  I asked him, ” Why did you stop, did it not work?”  He said no, it worked, it brought people in.

He said that he did it in the beginning to get people in but then he gave reasons why he shouldn’t be spending so much on advertising anymore and he heard from other  “expert” on what to spend on dental marketing and that is how he adjusted it.  Then he paid me to tell him to start marketing again, which he did.

There are, however, tremendous amount of ways out there for dental advertising and internet dental marketing where the cost is so little that anybody can afford it.  You can inch your way up.

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The #1 Killer Mistake in Internet Dental Marketing

As I have consulted business owners and dentists on effective dental internet marketing strategies to aid one’s presence on the web, I have found that there are too much misguided focus on having to have a nice medical or dental website design. Doctors then invest lots more money on medical and dental internet marketing hoping to be picked up by Google or Yahoo under different keywords.

Those hopes of being discovered easily on Google under all kinds of keywords will never come true simply because your single web site is just NOT enough for Google, Yahoo and Bing to only feature your key phrases and to display your one internet website, and not contemplating your competitors’.

Plus Google will never ‘favor’ a web site versus another. They have a strict criteria to choose which web sites get featured within the 10 spots of the 1st page and these 10 positions can change from day to day, as an internet web site may meet their criteria a lot more than other sites and thus climb to the 1st page whereas another web site may possibly lose its position from the first 10 spots.

In conclusion, your single stand alone internet website will never get you all the visitors you could get.

Even Microsoft’s primary website doesn’t come up under all software related keywords. In the event you Google “Office Software”, Microsoft’s web site does come up on the 1st page (among a lot of other competitors as well).

But type “word processing software” in Google and Microsoft’s website disappears from the 1st page.

It is already quite an accomplishment to a lot of web internet site owners to appear on the 1st page of Google under their profession, including a dentist in XYZ city showing up on the 1st page when someone types in “XYZ City Dentist”.

But how about in the event you could also appear when a person types in “XYZ City Teeth Whitening” or “XYZ City Dental Implants” ?

That would just mean inquires – by the truckload!!

Most local company owners draw from a 4-6 miles radius in terms of company area. Let’s say you draw from 6 various cities such as your own.

But despite your best effort, you’ll be able to only appear on the 1st page of Google under your own present city name together with your profession.

Does that mean you are only obtaining 1/6 of your prospective leads? Unfortunately yes!

For eg, a dentist in West Los Angeles may appear on the 1st page of Google when an individual types “West Los Angeles Dentist”.

But when someone types in other city keywords like “Los Angeles Dentist” or “Beverly Hills Dentist” (say he also draws from Beverly Hills) his One web internet site will have a hard time coming up also on the 1st page.
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