Free Dental Marketing: Beyond Getting A Press Release Published in the News

The power of the press is phenomenal and can hugely benefit your dental marketing strategy.  I have noticed that some of my clients, however, put too much attention on the press and it’s probably because of what I have said about it (that it is very important).  The press is important, yes, but there are other activities that are just as important.

No matter what, the press is only a small cog in the clock that is the marketing world.  A clock missing one cog (or gear) cannot run, meaning press is still very important.  However, when I mention the ‘press’, what I am referring to is more like common people spreading your messages in your local area.  This is just as important and involves community leaders spreading your word for you.  This is powerful!  You will get picked up by the media press when you have community leaders spread your word for you sooner or later, no doubt. This method can prove to be an excellent way of promoting your dental advertising.

If you write a press release or something of that nature and it does not get published, do not despair.  It is a little bit like success in general, if you solely chase success, it will be hard for you to reach it.  However, if your focus is geared more towards the quality of your product and providing phenomenal service, you are much more likely to become successful.  It is the same when it comes to getting press from the media.  Do not worry about getting the press, focus on what you need to get it but concentrate on doing it the right way.

Press is very important but it is not the almighty when it comes to marketing methods.  Getting the hundreds or thousands of community leaders in your area to talk about you is huge!  That is where your method of approaching the press correctly comes in.  Whether through internet dental marketing or just word of mouth in the community, you will need to show the community leaders that your news are of high value to be talked about and thus they would be more than happy to spread your messages for you.

Dental Marketing: The Importance of Not Throwing In the Towel

One question that constantly comes up is “How long should it take for my marketing to start working?”  Here’s the short answer:  It doesn’t matter.  You just need to market.  The worst thing you can do is to add worry about how long your marketing takes to work and what it costs.  You can’t go into a marriage expecting it to wait a certain amount of time before it “works”.  You have to go in knowing that it will work.  Marketing is the same way.  You have to go into it knowing that you will have to market, market, market.  Then, you will have to market some more!

That does not mean to just market in one place and not look at all available options and move things around as you find what works for you.  Read books and internet postings on dental marketing, there are loads of things out there to help.  Most importantly, you have to find marketing that costs little or nothing to you.  Don’t stick to dental advertising that costs you a lot of money, i.e. coupons, flyers, etc.  There are things like internet dental marketing available and other ways of marketing that other people pay for.  There are all kinds of activities like these out there.  You have got to get the internet community involved and this means you will probably have to learn and study a little bit about it.

I started my medical and dental practice management consulting business in 1991 and four months into it, I still hadn’t made any money.  Seven months later, it was the same scenario.  I was getting close to caving in but my wife insisted I keep going.  Today, 19 years later, we have made it and made it well.  That is what comes from not putting any pre-conceived notions of how long my success should take.  Persistence doesn’t mean trying things the same way if it fails the first time.  Persistence is exploring all the options and finding out what works for you.  Don’t keep asking yourself “Will it work?”  Just keep trying.