Business Management: What is the Right Marketing Budget?

Dental marketing without advertising expert Helmut Flasch is a dental e-marketing consultant and founder of the award-winning Un-Advertising strategy program. The Un-Advertising program is an effective dental marketing strategy used by non-profit organizations, businesses, and media entities. Individuals will market for you for free consistently and continuously instead of you having to advertise for yourself or seek another dental PR company for additional dental newspaper advertisements services. Mr. Flasch, the dental advertising strategy expert, speaks about how being a “jolly good fellow” can help business owners such as dentists or doctors, attract more new patients in a very inexpensive way by getting the community and community leaders to promote (refer) your practice without ever having been patients themselves.

Something that is relatively new to the scene is the social media network. Let’s gear it towards public relations and how to get press releases. As you probably saw on the video on my site, media is not the almighty advertising source for your dental advertising . It is true, media is powerful and getting media is something you want. . But do not put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to getting your own free press, there are many other community leaders who can give you publicity without going directly through media sources. Social networks are one of those other options . How do you make use of social media to add more to your internet dental marketing?

Previously, one would need to find a reporter and try to get an article out of a local newspaper. Now, reporters are actually disappearing. I personally think that there is a chance that in our lifetime, reporters will have more or less disappeared.

Either way, they are less important now. Why? You can go directly to the public through online social media networks and it is as powerful as a press release printed by another paper. I am not saying that this trend of online exposure can replace the New York Times, but most likely if you are for instance, a dentist, you are not getting into the New York Times anyhow for your local community news. It is more the smaller papers in your area that will print your story and they are still important, in spite of more news being ‘reported’ on the internet. .

The social media, however, gets you directly to the customer. How is that happening? There are many social media websites. Facebook and Twitter are just two and there are hundreds of other ones that are broadcast and are basically syndicated radio stations, only on the internet. When you go and put your information on these social media sites, it travels by itself without any real ‘reporters’ needed to pass on your information. Social media sites are even where today’s reporters are going to look for information Even if the main stream media don’t pick you up, there are key players in these communities and in many fields. These key players are bloggers and you will be going on those sites, with a blog and they distribute your information through their own community of followers which could be hundreds or thousands. Also, the public at large goes there. This new way of internet public relations doesn’t mean the old way is gone but the reporters are going to those sites to look for what is “cool” right now, and that makes sense. Instead of getting a sales pitch from a public relations agent, they are using social media to see what the community is beating the drums for these days.

Whether you are a dentist and would like to use free resources for your dental marketing, or a restaurant owner wanting to get your news to more people in your local community, use social media sites ( videos, articles sites etc) to publish your news.

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